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IGN: magic_vikkstar
By magic_vikkstar » 6 months ago
IGN: magic_vikkstar
How old are you: I am 12
What is your timezone: PST
How long have you played on SBLegends: for a few days
How many hours a day can you be online for: varies on what i hav for homework but i can get a minimum of one hour daily
What is your current island level: 19k
Do you have experience with staff ranks: Sort of
Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the server: Yes
What makes you the best moderator applicant: technically im applying for helper but i think im a good applicant because i like to help people and i think i would be an asset to teh server
Do you have a recording software: Yes, OBS
Do you have Discord and a working mic: Yes, my discord is : ! MagicVikkstarYT#6746


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IGN: Cleverless
By Cleverless » 6 months ago
Hello, Thanks for your application. Unfortunately, due to our age restriction (which is currently 14) I am going to have to deny this application.

-Jake (Cleverless), current Manager of SB Legends