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IGN: skullkingcrusher
By skullkingcrusher » 7 months ago
IGN: SkullKingCrusher
How old are you: 15
What is your timezone: bst
How long have you played on SBLegends: a week
How many hours a day can you be online for: I can be online for 5-6 hours a day
What is your current island level: my island level is 18603
Do you have experience with staff ranks: no
Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the server: yes I have read all the rules
What makes you the best moderator applicant: I think I am the best mod applicant because I care about the server, I am kind to all players and friends with most players on skyblock. I play a lot and I want to make sure the server stays a friendly and happy place to all players, and make sure hackers don't ruin the experience for other players when other staff are unable to be online
Do you have a recording software: no but I will happily download one if someone shows me how.
Do you have Discord and a working mic: I have discord and a pair of working headphones with a working mic


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IGN: Cleverless
By Cleverless » 7 months ago
Congrats, you've been accepted as helper. Contact jakesnationz #1845 on discord for your perms.

-Jake (Cleverless), current Manager of SB Legends