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IGN: acidapplejuice
By acidapplejuice » 7 months ago
IGN: AcidAppleJuice
How old are you: 14
What is your timezone: PST
How long have you played on SBLegends: about 2 weeks or so
How many hours a day can you be online for: I can be on for anywhere from 3-5 hours
What is your current island level: 4890
Do you have experience with staff ranks:  I do not have experience with staff ranks but I have played on prison tech so much that I know how to do the right thing in most cases
Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the server:  I have read  the rules and I know my way around the server quite well 
What makes you the best moderator applicant: what makes me the best applicant is that  I am a player that can contribute so much to the server as I mentioned I was very active on Tylers prison server, and  I am very active on the skyblock but not as much on the prison because most of the players have moved to the skyblock since its new  but I am looking forward to the revamp and  I plan to be active as much as possible. Another reason why im the best applicant is that I have became quite trusted to not be stupid  and I think since I  have applied many times to be staff on prison tech I think I should get  a shot  at staff  If I get accepted I will do my best to help the community to make the server more popular.
Do you have a recording software: I do not but if I could get assistance from a admin to download one I would very appreciate it
Do you have Discord and a working mic: yes my discord is AcidAppleJuice#8735 even though almost all staff members already have me in contacts and I do have a working mic and regularly voice chat with other players on the server 




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IGN: Cleverless
By Cleverless » 7 months ago
Accepted, contact Jake on discord for an interview.
-Thread Locked

-Jake (Cleverless), current Manager of SB Legends