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IGN: bennya10
By bennya10 » 7 months ago
IGN: bennya10
How old are you: 16 years old
What is your time zone: Eastern Standard
How long have you played on SBLegends: 1 month approx.
How many hours a day can you be online for: At least 1 hour every day
What is your current island level: 3,180
Do you have experience with staff ranks: On TrippsterGaming's Minecraft server I have the trainee rank, and in his discord server I have moderator rank
Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the server: Absolutely
What makes you the best moderator applicant: As I've stated, I have had previous experience with being moderator, and I feel as though my care and kindness will radiate through out the community. UwU
Do you have a recording software: Yes. OBS
Do you have discord and a working mic: Yes


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IGN: Cleverless
By Cleverless » 7 months ago
Thank you for your application. I sent it to the staff team and held a vote. We all decided that your ontime needs to improve before we can accept you as staff on our server. At the moment you have less than an hour of ontime. Please work to get that up more and reapply in 30 days. 
-Thread locked.

-Jake (Cleverless), current Manager of SB Legends