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IGN: Fe45Rless
By Fe45Rless » 8 months ago

 IGN: My Name's Fe45Rless

 How old are you: i am 16  
  What is your timezone: British Summer Time
   How long have you played on SBLegends: i am not going to lie 2 days 
How many hours a day can you guard for: 3 hour and come back on 
  What is your current island level: i dont on lol
   Do you have experience with staff ranks: 
I have been Staff on many different servers but have moved on since they do not need my help anymore. I also have a great experience with those servers. I know   
  how to administrate and how to moderate.
  I have also had a trial version of the XenForo Forums and currently own my own.

   Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the server:
 What makes you the best moderator applicant: 
I am very friendly, and I have also made loads of friends. I am also very friendly as this makes people feel that this person can help me with this or that or this person can solve this as this can address many issues and can save time. You must be friendly to the players of Sb legends . Yes, you need to be strict, but not enough to make players leave the server. I know this vital balance very well, and I will use it here if I do get accepted. I usually am very friendly, even if I am angry, I do not put it on the server as this can put adverse effects on it. I try my best to make everyone happy as best as I can with making sure I am doing the job correctly. I am extremely friendly, and I will always be.                                                       

Do you have a recording software:
yes, And SS

Do you have Discord and a working mic:
Yes, Discord my Ign 

Thank you Have a nice Day {:

Trustworthy-: I think that I have a lot of trust. I always keep my promises, etc. I believe that a moderator requires a certain amount of confidence that is acceptable. Even though I may have committed minor things in the past doesn't mean I am not up for the job. I have never said anything evil or scammed or hacked even though I have been scammed many times. I feel it's not fair. I have learned many things from playing sb legends with such good friends, and now I think I am ready for the job. Being trust able can give you many advantages, one of them being a hit in the community.


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IGN: HeyImFallN
By HeyImFallN » 8 months ago

Thank you for your application, unfortunately we are going to have to deny this. Some of the questions feel plain and we feel as if you could do a better job with them. Please feel free to apply again in 30 days.


FallN - Current Admin on SB-Legends